Joint Pre-conference 2014


  • This is the Pre-conference Programme outline, see below for details of workshops and biographies
  • There may be changes of presenters, presentations and order of delivery.


Wednesday 27th August – Thursday 28th August 

Please note: Only conference participants may register for the pre-conference

All participants will choose and attend one pre-conference workshop. Participants stay in the same workshop for 2 days.


  • Sue Daniel: Active Listening: Applications of Sociometry and Psychodrama in One to One Therapy
  • Anne Schutzenberger: Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma (assisted by Manuela Maciel)
  • Rene Marineau: Sociodrama in the 21st Century
  • Bonnie Buchele, Ph.D: Without Words: Enactment in Group Psychotherapy

Wednesday 27th August

Time Event
09.00-11.00 Registration for both pre-conference and main conference
11.00-13.00 Workshop

13:00-15.00: LUNCH

15.00-17.00 Workshop

17.00-17.30: COFFEE

17.30-19.00 Workshop

19.00-20.30: DINNER

Thursday 28th August

Time Event

08.00-09.00 Breakfast

09.00-11.00 Workshop.


11.30-13.30 Workshop


15.00-16.30 Pre-conference community closure

PRE-CONFERENCE: Presenters and Workshop Details 

Workshop Details

Presenters Biography

Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma

Anne Schutzenberger, PhD, trained by JL Moreno, Professor Emeritus Nice University, France, analyst and psychodramatistManuela Maciel is a clinical psychologist with an individual and group practice for 28 years. She is past Chair of IAGP Psychodrama Section 2003-2009, Past Vice-President of Portuguese Psychodrama Association, teacher and supervisor of Sociodrama and Psychodrama at SPP, Founder of International Sociodrama Conference and of International Transgenerational Conference.. Manuela is certified in psychogeneology by Anne Schutzenberger. She writes extensively and leads workshops and trainings all over the world and is co-editor of Advances in Theory and Practice in Psychodrama.
Active Listening: Applications of Sociometry and Psychodrama in One to One Therapy  Dr Sue Daniel is a TEP, individual and group psychotherapist, and a consulting psychologist. She is Director of the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne and Chairperson of the Australian and Aotearoa Board of Psychodrama. She is on the Board of IAGP, and is a professor in Hokkaido, Japan.
Sociodrama in the 21st Century Dr Marineau is a Professor of Psychology at the Université du Québec in Montréal, Canada. He is a trainer in group psychotherapy and psychodrama. He practises expressive therapy integrating theories of Moreno, Freud, Reich and Rogers. He is the author of the biography ‘Jacob Levi Moreno 1889-1974: Father of psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy’.
 Without Words: Enactment in Group Psychotherapy  Dr Buchele, is President-Elect of the IAGP. She is a group psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. She is Past President and Distinguished Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and has recently served as Director of the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute.