Joint Conference 2014

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There may be changes of presenters, presentations and order of delivery.


 Daytime events include walks in the formal gardens and boat rides, Evening social events: fireworks, a jazz band, bar, Jewish jokes comedy night. Daily on-site events: Reflexology / massage and early morning yoga.
DAY 1 – Thursday 28th August 2014:


Time Event Presenter/s
14.00-18.15  Registration 
18.30-20.30 Conference Opening and Plenary  
  Opening Plenary BPA PresidentIAGP President Jonathan Moreno, Ph.D Impromptu Man: JL Moreno and the Origins of Psychodrama, Encounter Culture and the Social NetworkRon Wiener David Gutmann
20.30-22.00 Buffet Dinner.


DAY 2- Friday 29th August 2014:


Time Event   Presenter/s Title/ notes
09.00-10.00 Plenary   Heloisa Fleury The Brazilian Sociopsychodrama: Transcultural Group Work
10.00 – 10.15 Announcement and Structure of International Networking Day   Maurizio Gasseau and Yaacov Naor Interactions and encounters in small chosen groups for the purpose of mutual support and professional exchange through dialogue and action.
10.15-10.45 Coffee and Tea
10.45-12.45 International Networking DayMorning Session A1 Maurizio Gasseau and Yaacov Naor    Meeting in small groups
Workshops A2 Michael Chase Archetypal Psychodrama
A3 Jaye Moyer Received Wisdom
A4 Lada Kaštelan ‘Projections’ – A Film
A5 Hannah Sherbersky and Martin Gill Clinical Supervision in Action: An innovative model of supervision, spontaneity and creativity within a changing NHS mental health service
A6 Sandra Grieve Forbidden Fruits: ‘Whenever a taboo is broken, something good happens, something vitalising’ (Henry Miller)
A7 Maria Gabriella Nicotra Creative multi-expressive psychotherapeutic group with adolescents
A8 Kaya T Kade Empowering Recovery Through Action: Using Psychodrama and Sociodrama in Addictions Counselling
  A9 Susan Mullins Overman and Sandra Seeger Sociodrama à deux: A New Hybrid Using Myth for Connection
12.45 – 14.00 Lunch
14.15-16.15 International Networking DayAfternoon Session B1 Maurizio Gasseau and Yaacov Naor    Meeting in small groups
Workshops B2 Gleb Lozinsky Dealing with Real Things – Revelations of the Trunk
B3 Jeni Goodfellow-Pemsel Personality Disorders or Creative Adaptations?
B4 Noelle Branagan ‘I never thought of looking at it like that before!’ – exploring Moreno’s concept of ‘role’ through creative action
B5 Di Adderley Sociodrama: Set out the System and Invite Dialogue
B6 Mimi Moyer and Pamela Goffman Chakra Sounding Meets Psychodrama
B7 Meredith Evans Application of Moreno’s ‘Canon of Creativity’ in non-clinical community settings
Seminars14.15-15.10 (B9a)15.20-16.15 (B9b) B9a Mine Bas Gorgun Applying Sociodrama to Work with Organisations
B9b Stephen Sillett Creating a flexible space for therapist and social practitioner collaboration in order to adapt the Socio-Drama Topography Process
16.15-16.45 Coffee and Tea
17.00-19.00 International Networking DayEvening Session B10 Maurizio Gasseau and Yaacov Naor   Large group: Summary and action from small groups
19.30-21.30 Dinner
22.00 Bar and Social Time


DAY 3- Saturday 30th August 2014:


Time Event Ref. Presenter/s Title/ notes
9.00-10.00 Plenary   Peter Fonagy Attachment and the Central Role of Communication in Therapy
10.00-10.30 Coffee and Tea 
10.45-12.45 Workshops C1 Luisa Branco Vicente How Can Internal Freedom Survive In Social Pathology?
C2 Leni Verhofstadt-Denève Empowering Psychodrama: Using Dialectical Action Techniques
C3 Leandra Perrotta Empowering the soul: integrating Jungian psychodrama and dance therapy
C4 Teresa Brown Psychoanalysis and Psychodrama: An Inter-dynamic Relationship
C5 Peter Haworth and Jinnie Jefferies Mentalization and the Double
C6 Vanessa Volpe Colour Play and Occupational Therapy
C7 Irene Henche Zabala Symbolic Jungian Psychodrama with fairy tales – Transformation and desires in our life project
C9 Olivia Lousada Can I live my life with grace until the end?
C10 Jorge Burmeister  The myth of Siddharta Gautama: How can we react to pain and suffering?
C11 Elizabeth White Befriending our Defences: Emotional Intelligence in Action – a sociometry workshop.
C12 Daphna Ben Amitai Resistance in Psychodrama
C13 Duncan McLean Mentalization Techniques
  Master-class C15  Mario Morrone  Bowlby’s Attachment Theory and Psychodrama
12.45-14.00 Lunch 
 14.15-16.15 Workshops D1 Susie Taylor and Clark Baim The Embodiment of Memory: Integrating Psychodrama with Contemporary Attachment Theory
D2 Maurizio Gasseau Jungian group analytic psychodrama on dreams.
D4 Eva-Karin Ström Psychodrama – enhancing mentalization in action
D5 Anna Napier and Anna Chesner The psychodramatic stage as an aid to reflective function: loosening the illusion of a fixed reality
D6 Mark Wentworth Dynamic Theatre: Healing Self and Community through the Incognito Auxiliary
D7 Margaret Bird and Lynette Green Unpacking the knapsack of invisible white privilege
D8 Gong Shu, Wang ErDong and Chou Mei Ling Yi Shu: Chinese Medicine, Psychodrama and Expressive Arts Therapy
D9 Marco Greco When Sociodrama Makes Room for Psychodrama: Using Them Together
D10 Mary Levens The Relationship between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
D11 Louise Lipman The 12 Step Psychodrama Model
D12 Takis Nikolaos The process of catharsis in psychodrama through the lens of psychoanalytic theory
D13 Chris Holland The structuring of the internal world in Childhood: From Freud to Fairbairn to Sutherland
Paper Presentations D14a Grete A Leutz Freud and Moreno: Divergence and similarity between the founders of two psychotherapeutic methods
D14b Sabar Rustomjee From Self Contempt to Dignity – encouraging self awareness during Psychodrama, Psychoanalysis and other modalities by the use of SH Foulkes’ ‘roving eye’, J Keats’ ‘Negative Capability’ and J Lacan’s ‘Gaze’
  D14c David Harty and Janine Turkie The Integration of Psychodrama within an Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT) treatment programme for patients with severe personality disorder
16.15-16.45: Coffee and Tea 
17.00-19.00 Conference Large Group   Teresa Von Sommaruga Howard and Kate Bradshaw TauvonA much needed space for people to make sense of their experience of the conference
BPA AGM   Chair: Kate Kirk                             BPA Members and Participant Observers
Posters / Discussion Groups: Open Session
19.30-21.30 Dinner
22.00 Bar and Social 


DAY 4- Sunday 31st August 2014:


Time Event Ref. Presenter/s Title/ notes
9.00-10.00 Plenary   Göran Högberg Affective Neuroscience, Memory Reconsolidation and Action Methods
10.00-10.30 Coffee and Tea 
10.45-12.45 Workshops E1 Maxine Daniels and Annei Soanes How to use ‘brain friendly’ techniques when working with trauma
E2 Margarida Pedroso de Lima; Manuel Caballera Dramatherapy and Schizophrenia
E3 Ingvar Karlsson and Christina Hagelthorn On Healing Trauma: PTSD, Creative Therapy and Changes in the Brain.
E4 Bilun Altunlu Armagan Many Lives, Many Selves: Exploring Our Deep Memories
E5 Judith Teszáry Bodily Symptoms as Metaphor: Using psychodrama in psychosomatic disease
E6  Mario Cossa  The Masks We Wear: Using Images to Stimulate Imagination
E7 Valerie Monti Holland and Julie Roberts Nurturing Self-Esteem Among Young People: Lessons from the Flower 125 Health Programme
E9 Rebecca Ridge The Body Alchemy of Sociometry: Invoking the parasympathetic response for group cohesion
E11 Lars Tauvon Music in Psychodrama
  E12 Saphira Linden The Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy: A transpersonal approach through psychodrama, drama therapy and transformational theatre.
  E13 Dušan Potkonjak Compatible integration of psychodrama, group analysis and interpersonal group psychotherapy in the same session: Exploring group process on the psychodrama stage
  E14 Ali Simmons and John Kearney Good Grief – a creative approach to assist exploration, integration and completion of the process of loss
Seminars10.45-11.40 (E14a)11.50-12.45 (E14b) E15a Ulf Klein The Neurobiology of Psychodrama
E15b Vladimir Milošević, Tihana Jendricko & Simona Prosen Experiences of Psychodrama Treatment with Psychiatric Patients
12.45-14.00 Lunch 
14.15-16.15              Workshops F1 Kimberly Barthel and Theoren Fleury Breaking free through healing conversation: Moving beyond abuse and trauma
F2 Katharine Norgard and Adena Bank Lees Moreno, Buddha and Neuroscience: Health, happiness and well-being
F4 Kate Bradshaw-Tauvon Changing your Mind – Psychodrama and memory transformation
F5 Eberhard Scheiffele Working with Altered States of Consciousness in Psychodrama
F7 Marcia Karp Why Do Brilliant People Kill Themselves?
F8 Norbert Apter On Becoming a Facilitator Psychodramatist
F9 Zoli Figusch The Melting Clock: Working psychodramatically with grief, loss and bereavement
F11 Fernando Cortese and Ana Paula Figueiredo Calatonia and Psychodrama: Increasing consciousness
F12 Tamar Pelleg How to transform a ‘sleeping’ sacred text (Joseph ornamented tunic) into an ‘awakening beauty’ to enhance healing. (Bibliodrama with a twist of psychodrama)
F13 Phil Burgess Moreno Meets New Technology
Seminars14.15-15.10 (F14a)15.20-16.15 (F14b)
Master-class F15 Sue Daniel Core Training in Group Psychotherapy, Group work and Psychodrama
16.15-16.45: Coffee and Tea 
17.00-19.00 Conference Large Group   Teresa Von Sommaruga Howard and Kate Bradshaw-Tauvon
Posters/ Discussion Groups – Open Sessions
19.30-21.30 Gala Dinner
22.00 Bar and Social


DAY 5- Monday 1st September 2014:


Time Event Ref. Presenter/s Title  
9.00-10.00 Plenary   Arlene Vertere & Rudi Dallos The Use of Action Techniques in Systemic Family Therapy  
10.00-10.30 Coffee and Tea   
10.45-12.45 Workshops G1 Elena Lopukhina In Search of My True Home: The psychodramatic encounter with feeling ‘at home’  
G2 Rebecca Walters Sociodrama with Children  
G3 Agnes Dudler Variations in Working with Parents and Ancestors  
G4 Chip Chimera Systemic family psychodrama? Passion in Action  
G7 Anne Schützenberger Family Secrets: Trans-generational Transmissions  
G8 Andrey Vishniakov Techniques and ideas of Bodynamics and Aikido in Psychodramatic work with boundaries and limits  
G9 Daniel Markman Gestalt and Psychodrama: The tango French connection  
G10 Jeanne Burger The Roles Not Taken  
G11 Richard Beck Self-Care: The Heart of the Therapist  
G12 Judy Swallow What the Body Knows: Mindfulness in Action  
G14 Steve Farnfield Attachment Theory and Therapeutic Interventions  
Paper Presentations
  G15c Érico Douglas Vieira & Luc Vandenberghe Conditions that favour integration between Psychodrama and Gestalt therapy  
Master-class G16 Dena Baumgartner The Joy of Burnout  
12.45-14.00 Lunch   
14.15-16.15                             Workshops H1 Yaacov Naor Psychodrama and the trans-generational transmission of trauma  
H2 Marcia Almeida Batista Sociodramatic Re-plotting of Family Roles.  
H3 Julie Lacy and Carla van Laar A New Past? Exploring and Transforming Ancestral Bonds  
H4 Ekaterina Mikhailova ‘Other Voices, Other Rooms’: Empowering roles through vocal action and imagination  
H5 Inara Erdmanis Psychodrama in Family Therapy  
H6 London Psychodrama Network The Open Public Psychodrama Session: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and the Creative Potential.  
H7 Kate Kirk and Carl Dutton The Owl and the Pussy Cat: Psychodrama, other therapies and young people  
H8 Ron Wiener A multi-scene sociodrama exploring the universe within which therapy occurs  
H9 Heward Wilkinson Poetics of Psychodrama  
H10 Elke Frohn Tabletop psychodrama action methods: utilizing small objects  
H12 Anath Garber Spontaneity through mindfulness-Who Shall Survive?  
Panel of Paper Presentations H14 Panel Title: Research-Informed Psychodrama Practice with Children and Adolescents.
   14:15 – 14:55 Hod Orkibi and Bracha Azouli Group Psychodrama with Adolescents at Risk: A Dialogue Between Practice and Research
   14:55 – 15:35 Maria Höllwarth Psychodrama-based group intervention for mothers and babies with regulatory disorders
Seminar 15:35 – 16:15 Melinda Ashley Meyer   Trauma and Teamwork: Collaboration to Heal PTSDEmpowerment and Resilience: Psychodrama perspective using scenario thinking
H16 Eva Fahlstrom-borg Inclusion Through Restorative Dialogues: An Introduction to Restorative Justice
16.15-16.45: Coffee and Tea  
17.00-18.00 CLOSURE: Marcia Karp