Anne Schutzenberger (with Manuela Maciel)

Anne Schutzenberger, PhD, trained by JL Moreno, Professor Emeritus Nice University, France, analyst and psychodramatist

Manuela Maciel is a clinical psychologist with an individual and group practice for 28 years. She is past Chair of IAGP Psychodrama Section 2003-2009, Past Vice-President of Portuguese Psychodrama Association, teacher and supervisor of Sociodrama and Psychodrama at SPP, Founder of International Sociodrama Conference and of International Transgenerational Conference.. Manuela is certified in psychogeneology by Anne Schutzenberger. She writes extensively and leads workshops and trainings all over the world and is co-editor of Advances in Theory and Practice in Psychodrama.


Workshop Description:

Transgenerational Psychodrama involves the family co-unconscious(J.L. Moreno). It includes invisible loyalities (Boszormenyi Nagy) and repetitive family patterns. These patterns of behaviour result from “unfinished business”. Unfinished business is when life doesn’t give us the opportunity to say and do what is needed to be said and done, which often relates to unresolved traumas.

Traumatic and dysfunctional patterns repeat themselves from generation to generation. The compulsive repetition is often due to feelings of exclusion, abandonment, rejection, hopelessness,and cruel injustice. Repeatedly transmitted dysfunctional behaviour can stop when someone becomes aware of the meaning of the entanglements. We can become aware of having hidden family loyalties which force us to use someone else’s life script and not our own.

Our goal is to understand, clarify, and remove scripts and behaviours handed down from previous generations,which do not serve our present life script.

We will use active methods such as genosociogram, psychodrama and object sculptures.

The workshop is experiential with theory and discussion of main concepts.